Submitting a Claim to the Injuries Board

Before submitting a claim to the Injuries Board you may well receive an offer to settle your claim. Insurance companies are very experienced at knowing the value of claims. They can often make an offer soon after an injury has occurred in an attempt to save themselves money down the line as they know the offer is less than what the claim is worth. These offers often take advantage of injured people who do not have legal representation and do not understand how the claim process works in the hope they may be under financial stress and willing to accept an offer that is below the fair value of their claim. 

One of the common problems with accepting an early offer is that you will not know how long your injuries will last and how severe they are. A specialist personal injurysolicitor would be able to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of accepting any offer in light of what a fair entitlement to compensation is in your particular case. Remember that insurance companies have no duty to make a fair offer, they have a motive to make a profit by paying out less in claims. A specialist personal injurysolicitor will have a duty to act in your best interests.

Can you Submit a Claim without a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor?

Yes, you can do the entire application process yourself. Prior to the application you should ensure that you have notified the correct parties at fault within one month of the accident. Your application must be lodged with the Injuries Board within two years of the accident (apart from some exceptions such as for children under 18). It is important to identify the correct people in the application and include insurance details if applicable. You will then need to make the application to the Injuries Board by providing them with:

  • Application Form A
  • Medical Report from your GP or treating doctor
  • Copies of the notifications sent to the people you are claiming against
  • The fee which is currently €45

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If you can make the claim without a Solicitor, why bother using a Solicitor?

Getting a solicitor involved can mean extra cost to you and this might deter you from getting a solicitor involved in making your claim. Before deciding this it may well be worth your while contacting specialist personal injurysolicitors to find out what costs are involved and whether they could add value in the process for you.

As most people making a personal injury claim will do so only once in their lifetime there is a massive informational disadvantage for the injured person against the insurance companies when deciding whether an offer is fair or not. A specialist personal injurysolicitor can add value to your claimby acting in your best interest and using their experience to let you know how the process works and whether offers are fair or not.

If you decide to get help from a Specialist Personal Injury Solicitor what will they do for you?

Take Details of Your Case

  • We will listen to you to understand what happened and what solutions you are looking for. We will provide you with information in relation to all the costs involved up front so you know what to expect before committing to working with us.

We contact the people involved

  • We will write to people involved in the accident and their insurers, if applicable.
  • We will contact the Gardaí for reports
  • We will contact your doctor for a report and get your medical records for you
  • If suitable we will engage a specialist engineer to examine the area of the accident and any vehicles involved. This can provide vital evidence later on in your claim.

We try to settle your claim for a fair amount

  • If the people at fault or their insurers are willing to negotiate an amount to settle your claim we will negotiate on your behalf and advise on any offer

If your claim is not settled, we make the application to the Injuries Board for you

  • It is often best to submit your claim to the Injuries Board at an early stage so that the Injuries Board can start to assess your claim. You can settle your claim at any stage if a fair offer is received, however, often people will wait for the Injuries Board to provide a figure that they believe is acceptable.
  • We complete the Application Form A
  • We submit your medical report
  • We submit copies of all notifications sent to the people involved in the accident
  • We process the payment fee of €45

We advise on the Injuries Board Assessment (figure)

  • The Injuries Board will do one of two things. Firstly, they might refuse to make an assessment and give you an authorisation to start court proceedings. Secondly, they can complete an assessment and come up with a figure that they think is appropriate to compensate you.
  • We will advise you on whether the figure is a fair reflection of your claim or not.
  • If both you and the person responsible for the accident (or their insurance company) are satisfied with the figure, then you can accept this figure and this will finish your claim.
  • If any party to the claim does not accept the figure then the Injuries Board will issue an authorisation to start court proceedings.
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