No Win No Fee Explained

A ‘no win no fee’arrangement is when a solicitor agrees not to charge fees if your case is unsuccessful. If your case does succeed, then legal fees will apply. The advantage to the injured person is that they do not have to come up with the money to pay the solicitor costs, and potentially medical costs and other outlay up front. In essence the solicitor takes a financial risk that they will not get paid if the case does not succeed.

What regulations apply to No Win No Fee Solicitors ?

There are strict regulations in Ireland preventing solicitors from advertising that they offer ‘no win no fee’ arrangements which is very different from the advertisements you might see in the USA and the UK. However, ‘no win no fee’ arrangements are perfectly legal in Ireland and you are entitled to ask any specialist personal injurysolicitor whether or not this fee arrangement can be put in place for you.

Solicitors websites must comply with the law and are regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. If you see websites or other advertising offering ‘no win no fee’arrangements then this may be what is known as a ‘claims harvesting website’. These sites are unregulated and often misinform or exaggerate. If such a website puts you in contact with a solicitor then that solicitor is in breach of the Regulations that govern our profession.

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If you enter into a No Win No Fee arrangement what else should you know?

If your case is unsuccessful while you may not have to pay your own solicitor’s costs you may still have to pay the costs of the other person’s solicitor, barrister and other experts.

You should ask your specialist personal injurysolicitor whether the ‘no win no fee’ arrangement means that the solicitor will pay all costs out of their own money such as getting a medical report, getting an engineer report and paying the Injuries Board fee. If not you may need to pay for these expenses yourself.

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